How Simple Consistent Actions Lead to Great Results Over Time

Recent Challenge:

  • I got stuck last week comparing myself to other people that are perceivably achieving certain goals faster than I am. What did I do? I talked myself out of it and remembered that every person is on their own unique track.

Lessons Learned:

  • The importance of recognizing that the small and simple consistent things I do everyday will add up to great results over time. It’s not about doing dramatic things and expecting instant dramatic results. My simple consistent efforts of having a morning routine for personal development, doing videos each week, meeting 1 new person each day, are all adding up.

  • I’m starting to feel the effects now, a year later of having a morning routine for the last year. I have more focus, clarity and energy than ever before. I solve problems faster. I manage my thoughts and emotions better. But I didn’t notice results right away.

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