Can You Be Trusted To Work At Home?

Let’s discuss a highly debated topic: Can you #trust your employees or hired #freelancers to work at home? And how do you manage or monitor them? What does that relationship look like? We are entering a new age of what trust looks like between employer and employee or freelancer. How can we adapt?

I’ve experienced working at home as a freelancer and as a remote salary payroll employee. I’ve experienced what it’s like to have a client or employer that doesn’t trust me and they felt like from day 1 they needed to monitor my computer heavily and I’ve experienced what it’s like to have an employer and client that DOES trust me and wow what a difference.

Watch the video to find out what I learned that helped me as an at-home worker and also what could help you if you’re a manager, on how to monitor remote employees or freelancers.

Let me know your thoughts below! There are a variety of perspectives on this topic, especially depending on what generation you are in so please share!

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