150 Freelance Jobs You Can Work From Home

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What are my options?

Anything and everything. In today’s job economy you can literally turn most creative or technical skill-based corporate jobs into a freelance business. You can totally customize your career based on a unique set of skills and passions. Some people have a current talent that they are aware of and decide to use that. Others are attracted to the lifestyle of working at home but aren’t sure what to do with it. If you know you want to work at home and start a freelance business, but you aren’t sure what to do, below is an exhaustive list to get the cogs turning.

With modern remote communication technology, it's finally possible to perform virtually any job from home. I love this, because it means I get to spend more time with my family. It means I get to stay in my sweatpants all day if I want. I get to have breakfast and lunch with my wife and son. I get to take a break to go play in the snow with my toddler and then come back to work. I got to see all my son's firsts because I was home. I love the flexibility and lifestyle it offers. If that sounds like something you want, start the process of exploring an at-home career.

I’ve sectioned off the list into different industries with positions you could create for yourself. Some are more creative, others are technical, and many are a combination of both.

Even though this list is extensive, it’s only a fraction of what you could do. But I don’t want to give you eye strain, so I’ll keep the list trim, just to get you thinking of the possibilities.


Creative writing, ghost writing, academic, grants, resumes, editing, copywriting, ads scripts, author, blogger, book launch coach, book marketing expert, technical writing, business writing, screenwriter, journalist, songwriter, website content…


Graphic designer, actor, graphic artist, motion graphic artist, 3D modeling, photo editor, illustrator, website design, Interior designer, animation, audio production, logo design and branding,  music DJ, book design, game design, game creation, cover art, Powerpoint design, presentation creation, painting, art and crafts, jewelry, custom furniture, photography, videography, video editing, musician, soundtrack composer, podcast producer or editor, voiceover stock music creator, sound effects artist, and any filmmaking role you see in the end credits of any movie…


Programming, coding, website development, software designer, software developer, Senior UI/UX, software maintenance, database creation, transcriptions, translating, data analysis, computer support, computer engineering, product engineering, data visualization, data mining, Ecommerce development, app development, API development, website security, cyber security services…


Creative counsel, video strategy, video marketing, email marketing, social media manager, event coordinator, legal advice, sales, advertising expert, product development, engineering, architecture, graphics, business development, startup business, financial advice, tax advice, artistic design…


Health coach, life coach, business coach, performance coach, athletic coach, financial coach, career coach, relationship coach, executive coach, voice coach, success coach…


Contract law, corporate, criminal, intellectual property, paralegal services, family...


Data entry, virtual or personal assistant, document filing, project management, transcription, public relations…


Display advertising, email marketing, lead generation, customer research, marketing strategy, SEO or SEM expert…


Electrician, plumber, house cleaning, roofing, heating and air, power washing, house repair, yard work, landscaping…


Accountant, researcher, pet trainer, personal trainer, yoga teacher, party planner, event planner, professional organizer, affiliate manager, travel vlogger, private tour guide, translator, CRM software, contract manufacturing, digital nomad, product design, voiceover talent, customer service, telemarketing, financial planning, mechanical engineering…

So yeah, literally anything.

There are successful freelancers out there doing every one of the jobs above and often a creative combination. And don’t get hung up on picking the perfect one. Sometimes you need to experiment with a couple different options and see what you enjoy most. I’ve changed my freelance focus many times and I’ve also combined a few different skills into one position.

A client would hire me for one thing, I saw another need, pitched my ability (or willingness to learn) to solve their problem and they allowed me to add that into my package. Other times I would build upon my initial skill. For example, I started out video editing but evolved into video consulting and producing, and the into video marketing, which paid more and required more leadership skills.

Always be learning. Always be growing. The most successful soloprenuers are always finding ways to expand their skillset and build upon their current work so they can increase their rates and provide more value. That's what brings them job security and keeps them relevant. The world of business is changing so fast, you have to adapt with it. Hopefully this was helpful. Start exploring!

For additional information on getting started with freelancing, I recommend reading this comprehensive freelancing guide put together by a freelancing platform called Toptal: Read Here

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