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I’m Chad Gravallese, creator of ArrowLight. I’m a professional development trainer, filmmaker and communication architect.

What’s a communication architect?!

I help you design and implement your own personal communication system that helps you build your network from the inside out, so you can achieve your goals. Simply, I help you become a master at talking to yourself so you will be better at communicating with others and establishing trust. This will lead you to better results. You have to get through people to get to where you want to be. I teach you how to communicate and connect your way to your goals.


You could be the shyest or the most outgoing person in the world and still need a communication upgrade, if you aren’t moving forward. Some people avoid connection and others force it. For a while, I avoided it. I will help you find that sweet spot in the middle.

Where does filmmaking come into all of this?

I grew up with a passion for the movies. I was the kid who always carried around a video camera and I roped my friends and family into countless films. When I grew up, I finally graduated from silly kids spy movies to more serious stories that start conversations about the human experience. I love how effectively story can teach and inspire people. Many films have inspired me and so I now use video as one of my primary teaching methods. I love what you can put into focus through a lens. Now I enjoy helping people focus their personal lens on the things that will bring them professional success. 


After college I worked as a video producer for online education businesses. I helped connect influencers to their audience with a camera. Most of the businesses I served with my filmmaking were providing education to people within the health and wellness or personal development industry. Being surrounded by great teachers who were helping people improve their lives, inspired me to start my own online education company.

What’s my story?

I’m in the middle of my story right now. I’m currently creating it. I don’t have a signature story from my past or rock bottom experience that defines my current career path. Where I’m at now is a collection of many little stories that have formed me.


I’m like you. I’ve had normal ups and downs, challenges and successes, setbacks and opportunities. I’ve experienced the noise in this world that causes indecision. I’ve pivoted in my career, doubted myself, questioned my direction and have been unsure about my identity. I know what it’s like to feel like your wheels are spinning, like the effort you’re putting in is not bringing the results you expect. Wheels spin because of a lack of connection with the road. My wheels have spun because of a lack of connection with people.


Right now, I’m a young Dad who is striving to create career success so I can support my family. I’m trying to figure this life thing out. I’m seeking to get my family out of debt and save up for a house. I’m working to establish a career that is fulfilling and helps me have the life balance that I want, so that I can spend time with my family and run a business.


With that said, there is a reason why I’ve chosen the field of communication as my thing. As a child and teenager I was not a good communicator. I struggled to talk and listen. I was shy. I valued a couple of close relationships but didn’t want to waste energy going out of my way to meet new people. I saw it as a “waste” because I didn’t value connection.


Now, the core of my business is all about teaching people the importance of connection in order to find happiness and success. I’m still an introvert…and I’m an extrovert. In my world there is no such thing as introverts and extroverts, there are just people who either value connection and seek it or avoid it. But we all have unique styles in how we connect. I’m not the loudest person at the party and never will be, but I now love and seek human connection. And deep down EVERYONE needs and wants connection and relationships to be happy, but some, like I was, have told themselves a faulty story that they don’t need people.


After college, I enthusiastically pursued my dream to become a film director in Hollywood. I directed a short film and expected my movie to get me success, not myself. I was hoping that I could somehow obtain success without having to go through people to get there. I just wanted to quietly find my way. At film festivals, I made sure to get back to my hotel room as fast as possible rather than talk to people in the lobby.


When my goals kept running away from me, and when I lost my job right before my first son was born, I finally accepted that I had to overcome my communication weaknesses and lack of desire in connecting with people or I would not be able to support my family.


So, I ran out of my comfort zone, found mentors, read books, went to trainings, developed some new skills and I found my voice. Then my videography career took off. I found success producing videos for small businesses. And now as I’m building my new business ArrowLight, I’m realizing all over again how vital connections with people are in creating anything. All the people I’m connecting with along my journey are co-creators in my business and career. I'm grateful for them and they all get credit.


I’ve married my love of filmmaking with my love of teaching to create ArrowLight. And now I write, make videos, train and mentor people to find their voice in their career so they will get unstuck. I’m as much a passionate student of communication and mindset as I am a teacher of one.


You’re in the middle of your story too. I want to hear about it. I want to have a conversation with you, so we can help each other find our place in this world.

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