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Ep. 11: How To Thrive as a Dadpreneur

In today’s early morning chat, I’m going to share my experience being a dad. I work at home, I’m a dad, and an entrepreneur. I want to talk about what it’s like to build up a home-based business while also enjoying the role of being a father to two young boys, one who is four…

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Ep.9: What Can You Charge as a Freelancer?

In today’s early morning conversation, we’re going to discuss how to set your rate and how to decide what to charge as a freelancer. We’ll also be discussing internal and external influences, and how they play a part in you deciding your rate. We’ll also talk a little bit more about money and how to…

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Ep.8: Freelancing In a Free Market Economy

Good morning! Today, we’re back to our usual early morning meeting time. It is 3:21 A.M, and in this episode, we’re going to talk about something that shouldn’t be political, but unfortunately, it has been politicized, nonetheless. We’re not going to talk about party politics here. There won’t be any political surface-level arguments. Instead, we’re…

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