The Business of Freelancing Online Course

[12 video modules]

⇒ The essentials of what to focus on first to start building your freelance business, agency or firm in a way that saves money and time. 

⇒ How to become a top-rated freelancer on sites like Upwork by optimizing your profile and creating winning proposals, while getting paid what your worth.

⇒ How to manage your tasks, clients and time by using recommended tools that take away the stress of balancing multiple clients.

⇒ Package your services and talents in a way that attracts your ideal clients.

⇒ How to approach creating a website that matches your brand and best serves your ideal client.

⇒ How to price your services and determine your rates. 

⇒ Advice for setting up your financial structure and how to manage your finances relative to being self-employed.

⇒  How to save thousands on taxes and account for your expenses properly.

⇒ Additional videos: Qualifying New Clients, Flat Rate Vs. Hourly, Determining Deadlines, Raising Rates on Existing Clients, Strategic Positioning

⇒ Templates for engagement contracts that protect you and your clients.

» Lifetime access to any updates made to the course


Questions about the program?

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