Our Vision

ArrowLight helps entrepreneurs find their unique voice so they can achieve their business goals.

We guide entrepreneurs and innovators to find their voice in a competitive world that is getting louder. Then we help them use that unique voice to connect their idea or business to the people they created it for. We help them clarify their vision and create their story.

We provide one-on-one mentoring to help entrepreneurs overcome obstacles in their mindset in order to move forward to achieve their goals and generate authentic success.

We help them penetrate the sphere of loudness that surrounds everyone, like an arrow and strike right into the hearts and minds of the people they are trying to reach. As depicted below:

We are a startup company looking for support so that we can advance our mission forward.

What Qualifies Me?

I grew up with a passion for filmmaking, hoping to use film and story to inspire and teach people. Now I have married my love for the art of filmmaking with my love of teaching to create ArrowLight. I will use film, live events and online courses to help people find their unique voice and see their personal value more clearly by clarifying their story. With years of video editing experience I’ve edited over 1,000 videos. I have a knack for seeing the value in coarse, choppy footage and organizing it into a good story. I now plan to use that experience to help people see the value in their life and business and then create their unique story.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking and Media
  • Produced and Directed short films and feature films that have received award recognition at various film festivals.
  • Film and Media Producer/ Marketing Manager for small businesses since 2013.
  • Mentor and Coach Certification from 3 Key Elements mentoring school. Areas of study:
    • Human behavior and psychology
    • Personal development/Self-improvement
    • Advanced study of body language
    • Public speaking
    • Leadership and management
    • Advanced Mentoring and Coaching training

Company Growth Strategy:

Phase 1: 

  • Launch 3 private mentoring packages which includes weekly appointments. Three packages: 3 appointments, 6 appointments, or 9 appointments
  • 10 Audio Recording trainings for purchase online
  • 1 hour free class once a month
  • Release 5 minute weekly training videos on our Youtube Channel
  • Start building social media presence on Facebook

Phase 2:

  • Launch Online Video Training Course and membership site
  • Add 10 more audio recordings to the online library
  • Launch 1-Day Live training conference to take place quarterly

Phase 3:

  • Launch 3-Day live training conference to occur quarterly
  • Produce short films and other video content to be used in the 3-day conference
  • Launch a second online video training course
  • Create another self-improvement program directed towards the business’ individual customers seeking to find their unique voice and achieve their goals

Phase 4:

  • Launch film production company called ArrowLight Films. Partner with other production companies to produce feature length films (fiction and non-fiction) every 2-3 years. These films will embody the themes of the ArrowLight education embedded in story.
  • Open satellite offices in other cities in the country to provide live trainings and mentoring within the framework of the ArrowLight curriculum.

Financial stability while building my business: I currently have a full-time video editing job that I will gradually phase out as I gradually phase in my ArrowLight mentoring business so that I remain financially stable. I plan on creating this business without going into debt.

If you want to read a more detailed business plan click this link to download the document:

Business Plan

And click  HERE  to view the first year budget.

Why you?

I’m reaching out to you because I need your help to get started. I need to raise at least $3,800 to get my business started officially.

$1,970 will go towards legal and filing fees to register my trademark and LLC, which will provide the safety and protection I need to advertise my business publicly and build an audience nationally.

$1,830 will go towards securing a domain and optimizing and building my website for the use of video which will be a large part of how we engage with and educate our audience.

Any extra money beyond $3,800 will go towards investing in the milestones we want to hit in the first year as outlined in the Company Growth Strategy above.

I understand that businesses start and businesses fail. But I want you to know that I will see this through. It is my life mission to teach what I’ve described above. And I am determined to create this business with success so thousands of entrepreneurs can benefit by finding their voice.

If you would like to contribute to our startup fund you can click the “Donate” button below:


It is a direct secure Paypal link where you can use your credit card, debit card or Paypal account to send money directly to my company. We will never see your payment information. Paypal encrypts it for your protection.

If you decide to contribute we feel obligated to give you something in return to express our gratitude for your investment in our company.

What You Get if You Donate:

  • If you donate $25, you will receive two 45 minute audio training recordings.
  • If you donate $50, you will receive four audio recordings.
  • If you donate $100,  you will receive six audio recordings and one 45 minute mentoring appointment.
  • If you donate $500 or more, you will have access to our entire audio library for the first year, which is continually being updated with new trainings every month. 10 audio trainings will be available soon and we will work up to 20 recordings by summer of 2018. You will receive them as they are completed. In addition, you will receive 1 free 1 hour mentoring appointment if that’s something you want. Also, you will be listed on my website as a contributor to ArrowLight.
  • If you donate $1,000 or more, you will have lifetime access to all our online training content, which includes; all audio recordings, films and online video training courses (we plan on releasing 20 audio trainings within the next year and 12 new audio trainings per year after that. We also are planning on creating at least 2 online video courses that contain over 12 hours of training material each). You will receive the video courses as they are completed. We expect the first video course to be completed by August 2018. In addition, you will receive three 1 hour mentoring appointments. You will also receive a ticket to our inaugural launch of our live training conference. Also, you will be listed on my website as a contributor to ArrowLight.

*  My mentoring services in exchange for your contribution are entirely optional.

I am so very grateful for your support and I’m excited to share with you my successes as I venture on this new journey to create a business!

-Chad Gravallese





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