Freelance Mentoring

Strengthen Your Network

Learn how to adjust your internal communication (the stories you tell yourself) and your external communication (how you talk to others) so you can connect with people in the right way and build valuable relationships that lead you to your goals. 

Master Your Time

I’ll help you design a customized time management system that suites your personality and preferences. Then you’ll have more control over your schedule, have higher productivity, greater focus, and become a master at prioritizing.

Find Your Voice

Discover your unique voice as a freelancer, so you can cut through the noise and motivate people to hire you and want to collaborate with you. Grow as a confident leader and professional.

Expected Outcome

You will gain the skills necessary to finally gain traction in your freelancing career and make the income you want, while having stability, predictability, less stress, control over your time and life balance. You will have clarity and be able to make more confident decisions as you progress in growing your freelance business.

Questions about the program?

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