Space between time workshop

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You may never have enough time, you feel out of balance and are struggling to know how to prioritize the activities that are the most important to your career...

In this workshop you will discover how to become Time's best friend. You'll unveil what it means to control your focus. Where you point your focus and how sharp it is will determine your experiences, results and entire reality. 

You Will Learn:

» How to use time as a valuable resource that will help you achieve your career goals and find life balance.

» Create your ideal schedule, master the art of working at home, and learn how to set boundaries with your clients so they don't run your life.

» How to increase productivity by expanding your focus skills. Productivity isn’t about doing the tasks, it’s about your level of focus while doing them.

» How to become a master at prioritizing, so every task you focus on leads you closer to your most important goals.

» Become an expert at managing and reducing interruptions, so you have control over your time and space.

» How to tune out the noise and become a more confident decision-maker.

Why Learn This?

We all want more time. It is our most valuable resource. Unlike money, once time is gone, it's gone. If we learn to master it and use it properly, we can create the opportunities we want in our career and life. People that don't manage their time well, are way more stressed and have greater difficulty dealing with overall life challenges. The top thing that people regret, while on their deathbed is that they didn't use their time in the ways they wish they had.

Time masters have statistically higher income because they follow through on their commitments, have higher focus abilities and make confident decisions. This influences people to trust them more. When people trust you, they want to work with you and they will recommend you. Receiving frequent referrals then saves you time having to find new clients. 

What Makes Our Workshops Unique?

ArrowLight delivers live online trainings that are designed to be engaging, informative and interactive through a virtual classroom. From anywhere in the world, you can access this class and develop real skills that will enhance your personal and professional life.

Important Ticket Info:

Each ticket represents access to the class from one device (computer, phone or tablet). If you purchase a ticket, you will receive a personal Zoom webinar link before the class.

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