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Everyone is always in the middle of their story. Here is where I am currently: I'm a young, self-employed Dad, building my career. I feel the pressures of supporting my family. I understand the anxiety that comes from indecision and instability. I know what it's like to not enjoy your job. I sometimes get distracted. I sometimes struggle to connect with people in the right way...but...

I'm on a journey to figure out the mechanics behind what it means to have a fulfilling career and create valuable connections with people. What I've learned so far has helped me gain security and balance as a freelancer. So, I'm especially interested in having conversations about self-employment, freelancing, solopreneurship, or whatever you want to call it. 

In this video library, I share with you career hacks, networking tips, and all things communication (internally and externally) so you can learn how to communicate and connect your way to your goals. 

As I build my own path, I'll share my successes and my failures, what's working and not working. Join me as I grow my business and continue to find my voice in my career. Watch and comment below. Let's have a conversation so we can learn from each other.

My story is one of millions. Visit my YouTube channel to learn from the amazing people I interview on my show Connect Up:

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