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Should I Charge Hourly or Flat Rate?

One of the most common questions freelancers or about-to-be-freelancers search online or ask their friends is, “Should I charge hourly or flat rate?” There’s a lot of hoopla from consultants out there about one being better than the other. There is a time and place for both. My objective is to help you better understand…

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24: Creating Strategic Connections with Jen Narragon

In today’s episode we learn from Jen Narragon how to create real, authentic and strategic connections so we can grow our career and find more fulfillment in our life. You’ll Learn: How to not discount certain types of relationships Networking tips (outside networking events) How to manage the inner voice that keeps sabotaging your goals…

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150 Freelance Jobs You Can Work From Home

What are my options? Anything and everything. In today’s job economy you can literally turn most creative or technical skill-based corporate jobs into a freelance business. You can totally customize your career based on a unique set of skills and passions. Some people have a current talent that they are aware of and decide to…

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23: The Power of Masterminds with Ronan Leonard

Ronan Leonard teaches us the what, why and how of masterminds. This type of group is a key part of networking, connection and career success. It’s where ideas are developed and businesses built. And you can easily join one in-person or virtually. In this episode you’ll learn: The definition of a mastermind How to find…

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Is Freelancing Right For Me?

To freelance or not to freelance? To go solo and become self-employed or work as an employee? Many millennials, like myself have thought about freelancing at least once. Maybe it’s the thought of having control over your daily schedule and flexibility with your time that makes it appealing. You no longer have a boss, just…

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