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20: The Confused Millennial with Rachel Ritlop

In today’s conversation with Rachel Ritlop, you’ll learn why it’s a good thing to be a confused millennial. Rachel is the founder of┬áThe Confused Millennial, a lifestyle blog and podcast sharing personal experience and advice to help other confused millennials embrace more of who they are while navigating this whole “#adulting” thing. The blog and…

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16: My Story (How I Found My Voice In My Career)

In this episode, I tell my story. It’s just me today, having a conversation with you on key lessons I’ve learned in my own journey in finding my voice in my career, finding my footing, finding my path. You’ll hear about my ups and downs over the last few years as I struggled to find…

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06: Redefining Success Through Joy with Sue Squire

In this episode we learn from joy expert, Sue Squire on how to redefine success. We discuss how our self-talk influences our health and happiness. We also have conversations around the importance of surrounding ourselves by the right people that support us as we make a change in our life. What do we do about…

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