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11: Be Strong Minded Through Self-Love with Petia Kolibova

Learn from Petia Kolibova how to develop a strong mind by loving yourself more. Connecting with others starts with how we connect with ourselves. You’ll Learn: » The number 1 thing that holds women back from success and life fulfillment. » How we can create a life that is fulfilling on the inside and not…

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08: Building and Organizing a Healthy Network with Adam Connors

In this valuable conversation with Adam Connors, we learn how to actually build a network that is valuable and healthy. We learn the key to listening to improve communication skills. We also discuss how to appropriately end conversations when there is no mutual benefit. He provides very actionable tips on how to keep your network…

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05: Accelerate Your Career in 2018 with Kaylee Houde

We go deep with Kaylee Houde, a stellar career coach, on how to take leaps forward in your career success. We discuss what’s holding millennials back from moving up in their career. We talk about how to get hired. We answer the question, “Is there really one dream job or purpose for everyone? Or many?”…

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