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Free Live Online Class

What You’ll Learn:

» Learn the 6 foundations for achieving success, stability and balance as a freelancer or solopreneur.

» How to build a clear path to your career goals and evaluate your progress, so you always know what to focus on next that will take you to where you want to be.

» How to improve your communication skills from the inside out so you can find clients consistently and generate referrals.

» Master your time skills so you have greater focus and are an expert at prioritizing. You'll also learn to control interruptions, create life balance, build trust with clients fast and setup boundaries with them so you experience far less stress.

How It Works:

This class, in line with its remote communication theme, will take place online through a Zoom meeting. You participate like you would in any in-person class. Even though I will not see you because your video will be off, we will be able to interact through audio and other online tools. Our objective is to create an engaging, interactive learning environment through a virtual classroom.

  • 1 hour each

  • Wednesdays at 2:00pm MST

Registration Info:

There are limited seats available. Each registration represents one web camera or device.

To register, go to the bottom of this page.

Once you register, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access the class. See you there!

Upcoming Classes:

By registering, you agree to the Release, Waiver of Liability and Copyright Policy found Here.

All classes are 2:00pm - 3:00pm MST

Next: October 17, October 24, November 7

When you register, you will receive reminders in your email about the next class along with the Zoom access link. You will receive these reminders as long as you stay on the list. If at anytime you wish to be removed from the class, you can cancel your registration through the link at the bottom of those emails. 

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